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Stirling Helicopter Model

The Stirling Helicopter Model is a unique and captivating product that combines the principles of Stirling engines with the thrill of a rotating helicopter blade. This innovative model harnesses the power of a Stirling engine to generate the necessary energy, providing an engaging and educational experience. Users can witness the helicopter blade in motion, gaining insights into thermodynamics and mechanical engineering in a hands-on and visually stimulating way. The Stirling Helicopter Model offers an exciting blend of science and fun, making it an ideal choice for enthusiasts and educational settings alike.

LTD Stirling Engine Model

LTD Stirling Engine Model products are innovative and intriguing devices that showcase the efficiency of Stirling engines operating on minimal temperature differentials. They provide an educational and hands-on experience, making them ideal for exploring thermodynamics, heat transfer, and alternative energy concepts.

Stirling Stove Fan Model

The Stirling Stove Fan Model is an innovative and practical product designed to enhance the efficiency of wood-burning stoves. This model employs Stirling engine principles to convert heat energy from the stove into mechanical power, driving a fan that circulates warm air throughout the room. With easy installation and no external power source required, the Stirling Stove Fan Model not only improves heating distribution but also serves as an educational demonstration of alternative energy utilization. This functional and eco-friendly device offers a blend of utility and educational value for stove owners and enthusiasts alike.

BSE-01 Beam Stirling Engine Model

The Beam Stirling Engine Model kit is an engaging and educational product that allows enthusiasts to explore the fascinating principles of Stirling engines. Designed for both beginners and experienced hobbyists, this kit offers a hands-on experience in assembling and operating a precision-engineered Stirling engine.

How Does Stirling Engine Work?



The Stirling engine starts with the compression of a working fluid, often air, inside a cylinder. This compression is typically initiated by an external heat source, causing the gas to become pressurized.



The pressurized gas, now at an elevated temperature, undergoes expansion, pushing a piston or displacer within the cylinder. This phase is where the engine extracts mechanical work from the expanding gas.



As the gas expands, it performs work on the piston, generating mechanical energy. This energy can be harnessed to do useful work, such as turning a crankshaft to produce rotational motion.



After expansion, the gas is moved to a cooler region or a heat exchanger, where it releases heat to the surroundings and contracts. This cooling phase prepares the gas to be compressed again, and the cycle repeats.

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